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  • The Lights Swan lamp is hand made with attention to every detail. The warm light will calm down your baby before bedtime. Each lamp is equipped with a touch dimmer (on the cable) to adjust the intensity of light. The night lamp creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The LED diodes are replaceable, so if your lamp stops working within 12 months, contact us and we will replace it. The order fulfillment time is 14 days.


    • height 36cm
    • wide 36cm
    • thick 5,5cm

    Swan Wooden Lamp natural, 36cm

      • pine wood
      • touch dimmer
      • plug-in power supply AC110-240V Output DCC5V
      • warm colour 7,2 W 2600-3200 K
      • lighting time 20 000H 1000mA
      • certyficate FSC CE RoHS
      • plug-in cable white, 1.5m long
      • moisture protection class IP44
      • factor CRI - CRI70
      • wall mountable option

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